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Boat Registration Stencil Kit
Boat Registration Stencil Kit
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Inland Marine USA Top Side Paint and Numbering/Stencil Kit


This is not the paint your Daddy used on his boat! (And not anywhere close to the paint sitting next to it on the shelf at your marine store.)

Inland Marine Top Side Paint® is specially formulated to have the elasticity and UV resistance required for use with inflatable boats. Because inflatable boats expand in the hot sun and contract at night in the cooler temperatures, constantly flexing, ordinary paint or vinyl stick-on numbers will not stay on an inflatable boat for more than a few weeks. But it does not stop there! We mix our Sealant in our Top Side Paint to further enhance the airtight integrity of your inflatable. 

Inland Marine Numbering/Stencil Kits Meets US Coast Guard requirements.  Rename or apply a custom message to your dinghy. Each kit contains a complete set of 3 inch high stencils with all numbers and letters, a brush and our special BLACK paint. 

Tips on using Numbering Kit Theft is a real problem for inflatable boat owners worldwide. Many inflatable boats look alike; it is easy to remove glue on numbering or numbers that are painted on with paints that are not made for inflatable boats.

The paint in our Numbering Kit has the elasticity needed to stretch and shrink as the air in the chamber expands and contracts. Inland Marine USA's numbering kit includes the stencils and the paint to provide a permanent registration number and name on your inflatable.

When used per the instructions provided the numbers applied with our Numbering Kit can only be removed by abrading the numbers off the inflatable. This makes your inflatable boat much more secure and will cause potential thieves to move on to an easier target.


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